3 Key Ways IoT Can Change Your Business

Recently, we’ve seen a huge surge of talk and excitement surrounding IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Despite all the anticipation, many people still don’t completely understand what it’s all about and what the uses of IoT could be.

In this post, we will explore what IoT is and we’ll give some examples of how IoT development could be applied to business for improved functionality.


What is IoT Technology?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. In short, it is just a network of physical devices.

IoT enables physical devices to connect and communicate with each other. An example of IoT would be your fridge, let’s say you accidentally left the door open and the temperature inside is rising. If the fridge is IoT enabled, a temperature sensor inside could detect the change and contact your phone via the internet to tell you that the door is open. This is a very simple example which just scratches the surface of IoT’s capabilities.


Could my Industry Benefit from IoT?

A simple answer is, yes, your industry could benefit from the implementation of the Internet of Things. IoT covers such a wide range of technology that it is almost guaranteed that in some way, your industry could, and probably will be improved by IoT.


So, How Can IoT be Applied to My Business?

There are a few key things that all businesses have and/or need. These things can become more efficient with the use of IoT. Of course, if we were to go industry specific, Internet of Things technology could have even more helpful use cases. For now, though, let’s just discuss a few ways that IoT will most likely be useful to your business:


  • Security – There are many ways in which IoT could be used to improve the security of your business. Let’s say you have an office, shop or stock room, etc. You obviously don’t want people to find their way inside once you’ve left the premises, this is where IoT can help. If you had an IoT enabled security system, sensors and/or cameras could detect when an intruder is trying to get in, then you could have the camera feed appear automatically on your phone or smart tv. This would make you instantly aware of the intruder, allowing you to call the police and have the issue dealt with before things get out of hand.


  • Financial Management – If you’re running a shop, restaurant, café or something along those lines. You could befit from a smart till system, especially if you’re off-site often. This system could keep track of money going in and out of your tills, as well as tracking card payments. This would be a very useful Internet of Things system to have in place, as you could be notified on the spot if any suspicious activity were to occur. Or you could just use it to remotely manage and monitor your business’ financials.


  • Improved Data Systems – IoT can drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of your business’ big data systems. By having all your business devices transferring data into your systems you can have a more accurate and instant input into your systems. This improved efficiency and accuracy means that you can monitor more closely what is helping your business and what is holding it back. You can adjust based on this data and improve your overall business functionality on a constant basis to suit the current climate at that time.


So When Should I Implement the Internet of Things?

It is predicted that by 2020, 30 Billion objects will be connected to the Internet of Things, so we suggest that you consider implementing IoT as soon as possible, this should give you the edge over your competitors.


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Introducing Where’s my cAR? iOS/Android Mobile Application

During our research and development programme, we’ve been doing a lot of work and experiments using AR, or Augmented Reality.

We’ve produced various concepts, looking at some common use-cases for the technology. Typically these show the capabilities of rendering virtual objects in a real-life scene and require the app to interpret the environment and accurately place the various objects in it.

A challenge had been set. Would it be possible to place an object in Augmented Reality without relying on the camera to survey the surroundings?

Where’s my cAR?

Where’s my cAR? is a free to download mobile application for compatible iOS and Android Devices that allow you to find the location of your car using Augmented Reality (AR), using geocoded data from your device’s location.

Technical Challenges

As Augmented Reality technology is still in its infancy, ARCore (Androids AR engine) doesn’t have an easy way of representing location data in AR. So as part of this process, we developed the ARCore-Location library to help us (and any other Android developers) to create GPS location-based AR experiences. Luckily, iOS already has a wonderful library available from ProjectDent.

Another challenge is how to find out where somebody has parked their car. Whilst both platforms are able to tell us whether the user is walking, running, driving or standing – only Android allows you to do so whilst the app is not being used. Therefore in the Android version, we’re able to automatically detect when you’ve disembarked from a moving vehicle and set that as the location. At the time of writing, on the iOS version, this is something that can only be done manually.

Additionally, mobile locations services can be quite temperamental. The location updates being given to apps vary wildly in accuracy, meaning that sometimes it might think you’re several hundred metres away from where you really are. Mobile compasses are also only accurate to approximately 15 degrees, and that’s assuming your compass is properly calibrated and you’re not close to any electronics or large machinery! This can be problematic when trying to get an accurate bearing on your current position and the position of your car – giving some mixed results.

Download it and give it a try, we would love to have your feedback.

You can download the app on to your device from the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

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