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How Apps Can Improve Workplace Communication


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Communication is everything in the workplace. It is always necessary to have good workplace communication to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce, particularly when something goes wrong. Due to the importance of workplace communication, many businesses are now looking to mobile app technology to provide staff with a means of communicating. What are […]

iOS vs Android: Which Platform to Develop On?


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The mobile app development industry is constantly growing at a rapid rate, as it has done for years by now. New faces are always entering the industry, and the first question a lot of app development newbies ask is “Should I develop on Android or iOS?” The two mobile giants both have their pros and […]

12 New iOS 12 Features for App Developers


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iOS 12 We recently saw the launch of iOS 12, Apple’s latest update to their operating system, on 17th September this year. Familiarising yourself with fresh versions of an operating system, however, isn’t just important for consumers, in fact, it may be even more important for developers. Many users of Apple’s iOS products were thrilled […]

Mobile App Development: What are the Costs & How Long Does It Take?


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If you have a great idea for a mobile app that you’d like to have developed, you may be wondering how much time and money you’re going to need to invest to make your idea a reality.

Introducing Where’s my cAR? iOS/Android Mobile Application


During our research and development program, we've been doing a lot of work and experiments using AR, or Augmented Reality.

Mobile Apps vs Web Apps – Which is Best for You?


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One of the considerations we at Appoly take during the initial consultation stage is whether your requirements are suited to a mobile app or web app. We can discuss the benefits and limitations of both architectures.