Augmented Reality

Augmented reality applications allow the immersion of virtual objects in the real world to allow creative and new digital application experiences. AR can provide unique offerings and versatility to show off product visualisations and create interactive experiences.

Augmented Reality: Then, Now & The Future


Augmented reality is one of the most exciting technologies currently in development. The possibilities for AR are so vast that it’s really hard to predict where the technology may actually be headed.

Introducing Where’s my cAR? iOS/Android Mobile Application


During our research and development program, we've been doing a lot of work and experiments using AR, or Augmented Reality.

ARCore Location – Android Studio


We’ve developed a handy toolkit for developers to render just about anything at a GPS coordinate in AR, with just a few lines of code. It comes packaged with two example renderers - one to render an annotation and one to render an image.

What is Augmented Reality & How Could it be Used in Business?


Image of a Phone Using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is, without doubt, one of the more exciting technologies of the future. Over the coming years, we are likely to see it appear in many different forms that help with real use cases in a vast amount of areas, whether it’s educational institutions, construction, manufacturing, sports, the medical industry or even just at home in your living room.

Our Favourite Augmented Reality Concepts


Since Apple and Google announced ARKit and ARCore respectively, developers around the world have been creating some interesting concepts. These applications can create profound experiences and are available to anyone with a compatible Android or Apple smartphone. Here are a few that have really caught our eye.