App Development

How Apps Can Improve Workplace Communication


Image of Workplace Communication

Communication is everything in the workplace. It is always necessary to have good workplace communication to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce, particularly when something goes wrong. Due to the importance of workplace communication, many businesses are now looking to mobile app technology to provide staff with a means of communicating. What are […]

The Advantages of Mobile Apps for Taking Business Payments


Image of Mobile Cash

Mobile payments have massively gained in popularity and usage over the past few years. For consumers, this is great. Having the ability to make an instant payment using your phone means that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can always very quickly purchase goods, if you’re in a store that accepts […]

Workplace Automation – How is it Being Used and How Could it be Used?


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Recently we’ve seen a substantial rise in fear-mongering articles about “robots and AI taking over”, and how minimum wage increases will lead us all to lose our jobs because everything will soon be automated. Clearly, this isn’t entirely true. In many workplaces that use automated systems, the employees work alongside the automated technology, it is […]

How is AI Used in Business?


Many businesses now are choosing to implement AI into their processes in order to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of man-power needed to complete tasks and operations. Whilst so many have found it to be an incredible investment for their business, a lot of people are still confused as to what it really is […]

What are the Benefits of Having a Website Developed for Businesses?


Image of Business Website Development for Appoly

Do you own or manage a business that has no website? If so, your business isn’t quite the business that it could and perhaps should be. There are many business benefits to having a website; namely the much larger customer base that can come from a well developed and marketed site.

3 Key Ways IoT Can Change Your Business


Recently, we’ve seen a huge surge of talk and excitement surrounding IoT (Internet of Things) technology. Despite all the anticipation, many people still don’t completely understand what it’s all about and what the uses of IoT could be.

Big Data: What is it? & What are the Business Benefits?


Image of a Man Analysing Data

Data systems as a concept aren't new. In the 1950’s, long before it was ever called ‘Big Data’, systems would have been put into place for businesses where they would collect their data and arrange it into spreadsheets and have it manually reviewed by human employees.

What is Augmented Reality & How Could it be Used in Business?


Image of a Phone Using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is, without doubt, one of the more exciting technologies of the future. Over the coming years, we are likely to see it appear in many different forms that help with real use cases in a vast amount of areas, whether it’s educational institutions, construction, manufacturing, sports, the medical industry or even just at home in your living room.

What is GDPR and How Will It Affect Your Business? – GDPR Simplified


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If you’re a business owner, you’re likely to have heard a lot of talk recently regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), there has been a lot of speculation and confusion out there surrounding what GDPR is and what it will mean for business owners.