ARCore Location – Android AR Library

A library allowing items to be placed within the AR world using real-world GPS coordinates, using Google’s ARCore.

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The Challenge

During our Research & Development sessions, an area of recent focus has been AR (Augmented Reality). If you’re unfamiliar with AR then have a short read of this to see how it could positively impact your business.

Predominantly our research was focused around the newly released ARKit on iOS. During that time, Google announced their AR platform – ARCore. We started exploring the capabilities of each platform. Some of our experiments were based on locating objects in the real world using AR. One of the things we found was lacking in ARCore was the ability to use real world coordinates in the AR space. Whereas Apple with ARkit has integrations with core-location, such as ProjectDent, at the time of writing, there’s no equivalent projects for ARCore (Android).

What we did

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Our Solution

This is where ARCore-Location comes in. We’ve developed a handy toolkit for developers to render just about anything at a GPS coordinate in AR, with just a few lines of code. It comes packaged with two example renderers – one to render an annotation, as can be seen in the image to the right, and one to render an image.

We’ve shown how you can create and use your own renderers in our example, showing a 3D object rendered at GPS coordinates.